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2020 – The top 10 houses!

The Top 10 Houses of 2020“: We are halfway through 2020 already! And as the world is dealing with a pandemic, this is also the year where we have spent most (all) of our time in our homes’ comfort. And while being at home, we have listed down the top 10 houses that have gained all our attention for the reasons we will tell you below. Go through the lists, and we assure you that you will love to get quarantine in these spaces for as long as possible!

1. The Roof House / Looklen Architects

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo Credits: Varp Studio

This stunning abode is called “The Roof House” and is an extension to an existing old house. It is nestled in the suburbs of Lat Phrao’s area, Looklen Architects design the house in limited budget and space. The client’s brief was to layout a multipurpose space to serve various activities and enhance the 15-year-old house’s usability. The 16 by 16 meters residence is equipped with a common area that serves as a relaxing zone at weekends, a pian lesson area for weekdays, and a playground for the dog. The highlight of the open planned layout is the bordering of an existing tree located in the middle of the land. It forms a courtyard and transforms the vibe of the house. 

2. Ha Long Villa / VTN Architects

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo Credits: Hiroyuki Oki

Nestled in the abundant townscape of Vietnam, Ha Long Villa by VTN architects is a treat to the eyes. A heavenly abode with a bounty of nature flourishing within is a standard development by architects to enhance living. The concoction of life with humans is beautifully depicted by this house in the coastal city in Northern Vietnam. 

4. Residence WULF / CAS architecten

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo Credits: Tim Van de Velde

This voguish amalgamation of a residence and working space deserves a place in our top 10 houses in 2020. The clients are doctors by profession and also want to practice at home. After finding an ideal location in the vicinity of the historic town of Bruges, Belgium, they were looking for the perfect space to be constructed amidst the intimate surroundings. The Cas Architects went for brick and glass to complement the surroundings, and it turned out to be the perfect house of dreams.

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4. House For Simple Stay / Skupaj Arhitekti + mKutin arhitektura

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo Credits: Miran Kambic

The astonishing abode nestled the stunning landscapes of Litija is designed for an old couple. The chic yet straightforward house is built in a prefabricated timber frame cladding with cement corrugations. The other materials are also picked based on smooth maintenance, simple appearance, and affordable price. The roof is left exposed to match with the character of the garden pavilion.

5. The Sanctuary House / Feldman Architecture

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo Credits: Joe Fletcher

Feldman Architecture has executed a marvelous piece of architecture for the clients ahead of their retirement. The property purchased by the owners had an old wooden fence in the front yard. The lush vegetation behind the property orchestrated a sense of inspiration for both the architect and the client.

Along with the landscape team, the architects transformed the space into a long-lasting modern house that perfectly complemented the surroundings with a diverse and charming landscape.

6. House BF / Paz Arquitectura

Best 2020 - The top 10 houses image7
Photo Credits: Andres Asturias

Nestled in the vicinity of the city’s mountainous sector, this flat piece of land thrives a single-story house surrounded by the lush greens which are framed by the L-shaped layout of the plan. The interconnected spaces have visual and functional transparency conceived with spaces added to maintain the privacy needed with the transparent walls. 

7. Blind House / BOON DESIGN

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo credits: Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace Company Limited

The Blind House by Boondesign is the parameter defined under the perspective of absence-presence-awareness. The urban sanctuary with two-bedrooms is a stunning abode situated in the enclosed landscape and serves as an ideal atmosphere for practicing meditation. The peace and tranquilized space are overlaid with the presence of a real plane. The absence of sky court cools down the temperature by evaporating by the reflecting pond that captures the sky’s ever-changing colors.

8. On The Water House / Nikken Sekkei

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo Credits: Gankosha, Harunori Noda

The guesthouse alongside the lake is an ethereal approach of a continuous and flowing spiral space. The dainty space is all-inclusive of ripples’ sound, light reflecting from the water surface, the humidity, and thermal radiation that are carried in a non-uniform distribution. The structure is interconnected with various thermal environments, such as fireplace warmth. An ideal concoction of comfort with style, the house defines ethereal beauty. 

9. Stairway House / nendo

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Photo Credits: Daici Ano

Situated in Tokyo’s quiet residential area, the buildings sparks volumes of ventilation, daylight, and greens of the yard entering inside the grandeur of the southern glass facade. The structure is divided into two households, but to amalgamate the blend of the two separate entities; the “stairway-structure” was implemented in the southern yard the penetrates through third floors. The grand structure is not limited to its design aesthetics and functionality, but it further expands to join the environs and the city.

10. Eclipse house / I/O architects

2020 Beautiful Houses List- The top 10 houses!
Pic Credits: Assen Emilov, 2020 – The top 10 houses

Located in the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria, the intimate residence is a three-storeyed structure that varies with the size and concealment strategy. The integrated space is compressed and open at the ground floor with a naturally lit central atrium. The interweaved space brings the garden view inside and conceals the sense of style in the glass frame.

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