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The new Secretariat building of Telangana

The new Secretariat building of Telangana“: Telangana is gearing up for the new secretariat building as the designs have been finalized by the Chief Minister of the state K Chandrashekar. Chennai -based architectural firm Oscar & Ponni Architects, will now take forward the design process incorporating Vaastu’s principles and traditional Deccan Kakatiya style. The building will consist of six floors played out in rectilinear plans in Architectural elevation style.

telangana secretariat building Image
Image 1 – The new Secretariat building of Telangana

The architects are focussing on constructing one-of-its king building that may be the pioneer of post-pandemic architecture. According to the firm, the proposed structure of the iconic Telangana Secretariat will be “COVID-proof.” The firm’s principal architects, Oscar G Concession and Ponni M Concession are looking forward to the technology and measures to be adapted to construct a “COVID-proof” structure. While the whole world is engrossed in finding ways to fight this pandemic, the architectural firm has moved a step ahead in executing principles that might fit the new normal in architecture. Ponni stressed on the use of sustainable technology to integrate nature into the structure. This will be the first COVID-resistant structure in the Nation.

telangana secretariat building Image
Image 2 – The new Secretariat building of Telangana

Being architects, we have a significant role to play in constructing the future of the world. This time, to re-think all the past principles of urbanization that drastically failed in these unfortunate times. There was a desperate need to move past the mistakes and re-define the norms of urban architecture. In the wake of this, Oscar & Ponni Architects being a reputed firm in the country and in some parts of the world, taking care of this transitional shift in the design dynamics. The firm said to take care of the similar conditions shortly by incorporating safety measures while designing their new architectural monuments.

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telangana secretariat building Image
Image 3 – The new Secretariat building of Telangana

The new secretariate will consolidate and elaborate on the use of smart technology and facilities in the structure. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has asserted to use 80 percent of the 25 acres of available land for landscaping. The rest of the 20% will be used for the construction of the six-storeyed iconic building. According to him, the most critical consideration should be given to Vastu, Zoning, and landscaping. Adopting all these factors, the design by the Oscar & Ponni Architects was secured.

The secretariat building will be accessible through three entrances, from East, North, and South directions. The proposed design constitutes an elevated podium, Hall of Telangana, and grand ramp that will vitrine the exclusive and eccentric culture of all the state’s 33 districts, inclusive of their work. 

telangana secretariat building Image
The old office of the CM to be demolished.
Image 4 – The new Secretariat building of Telangana

Apart from this, the structure will also embrace archives, media rooms, visitor rooms, conference halls, and a grand cabinet room will be there. The sixth floor will accommodate a high-tech CMO office whereas; the fifth and fourth floors will have official chambers for ministers and officials. Ponni said, adding that the building’s design as a whole will be the amalgamation and concoction of political, social, historical, and belief systems of Telangana. It will contemplate the aspirations of the people of the state. 

Separate parking space will be built for the CM, Ministers, officials, and visitors.oscar said that they would integrate advanced technology in construction to reduce power use while encouraging the natural factors inside the building. As laborers are not possible incapacity due to the ongoing scare, pre-casting technology will be used, cost-effective, and time-saving. As part of the “Aatmnirbhar” initiative, the use of local resources will be encouraged. The project is set to be completed within a year.

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