(200305) -- BEIJING, March 5, 2020 (Xinhua) -- The Azadi Tower is illuminated in red and golden stars to resemble the national flag of China in Tehran, Iran, on Feb. 18, 2020, to show support to the epidemic-hit city of Wuhan in central China. TO GO WITH XINHUA HEADLINES OF MARCH 5, 2020. (Photo by Ahmad Halabisaz/Xinhua)

When architecture showed solidarity with China

Architecture has always stood up for high relevance. The structures have spoken about ancient times and have carried stories with them throughout the period. Standing strong and tall, buildings show the narrative of either the creator or the periods it has witnessed. Amidst the current scenario ruining the world image rapidly, every individual has responded in a way or the other. With humans being locked down in almost the majority of the countries, this time, the buildings have come ahead to express solidarity and share the grief over the ongoing crisis of the pandemic.

When the virus originated and targeted the gorgeous city-Wuhan, in China, the Chinese government used screens covering the buildings to spread messages and images to spread hope and positivity. The country was soon joined by the United Arab Emirates and was followed by the majority of states. Let’s have a look at the buildings standing tall and secure on the vacated land and roads to spread the ray of hope and light of positivity.

Urban life has hit rock bottom with the current scenario of the pandemic. The only solution seems to be social distancing, and that has forced the governments to lock down their countries and seal the borders. People are now sitting at home, waiting for the phase to get over as early as possible. While people are under the RFS now, media facades have emerged as the perfect way to light the emptied roads with some powerful messages. The high-tech and high definition images over the facades deliver information and news. China paid tribute to the deceased due to the pandemic by illuminating the skyscrapers, bridges, and towers in several cities. The slogans said, “Stay Strong Wuhan, Stay Strong China” to keep the spirits high of the citizens. People were not able to witness it live, but the media and TV channels broadcasted the impressive aerial photos and videos to the country.

The role played by building branding and highlighting individuality has addressed the community with the current social challenges.

The country that was quick to follow was the United Arab Emirates that showed solidarity with the lights and architecture. The country is famous for its architecture, scheduled an event to combat the coronavirus. Burj Khalifa always lights up on noteworthy occasions and celebrations. And this time, too, the tallest structure showed empathy for the ongoing crisis. Adding to the list were Zaha Hadid’s Sheikh Zayed Bridge or the ADNOC Headquarters, designed by HOK, in Abu Dhabi.

Iran also followed up with the trend and lit up the iconic Azadi Tower in Tehran to offer its condolences and support to China. The superstructure from 1971 was illuminated with the red lights and showed the national flag of China. The graphics were complimented with the text written in English and Chinese. The historical and iconic landmarks in Egypt – Luxor’s Karnak Temple or the Cairo Citadel – also lit up in the red color and gold stars.

However, there are still several countries that have not joined the act of solidarity yet. The majority of the states have iconic landmarks that have defined the essential occasions and have stood up with the message of empathy before. Some of them like the Sydney Opera, London’s Tower Bridge, Berlin’s Brandenburg gate, One World Trade Center in New York, and the Angel de la Independencia monument in Mexico City are usually the first ones to get lit up in synchronization.

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