Bridge+Boulevard proposal for Buenos Aires Expo 2023 wins the international competition

Buenos Aires is all set to host the Expo 2023 under the theme of “Science, Innovation, Art, and Creativity for Human Development. Creative Industries in Digital Convergence.” A bridge and a boulevard are proposed for the occasion and the entries for the same were open under an International design competition.

The results have been announced and Estudio Aisenson + ASN/nOISE won the first prize in an international competition.

The expo 2023 will be organized on a crossroads, between the province and the city of Buenos Aires. Estudio Aisenson + ASN/nOISE proposed an integrated system of metropolitan parks. The network showcases a link between the pedestrian bridge and the Innovation Boulevard for Expo 2023 where the main activities are concentrated, to its own ecological reserve.

The proposal breathes the thoughtful concept of the revitalization of the degraded sector of the city and paves way for the creation of a continual atmosphere between the capital and the province through a public landscape.

Reciting the concepts and ideas behind the creation of the pedestrian bridge, the architects on board state that, “it establishes an urban symbol of the link between the City and the Province of Buenos Aires, […] Conceptually it is two pieces embedded in the form of C. Perceptually there is a displacement of the Province towards the City and the City in the Province. And in the center, the physical and symbolic integration of both occurs.”

In the initial stage, the idea was to consolidate a large Biodiversity Park – Campus of Creativity. The scale was proposed to be grand enough to be turned it into a new metropolitan green lung, making it the great natural legacy of Expo 2023. The concept was a blend of plant typologies, scales, textures that apply to each unit or sector determined by the urban integration proposal.

The plan was to propose a picture of urban sophistication, serenity and spaciousness. As a practice of environmental rehabilitation, Reintroduction of species of beneficial flora and fauna was the part of the proposal.

The winning design involves public squares with different themes, grouped permanent functions and dispersed ephemeral programs. The boulevard of innovation, it is planned to details with subtle and sequential landscape of squares that will integrate the various “biomes” of the world. Serene and restful, the boulevard will be enveloped with different landscape contributed by different countries. The eclectic and fascinating contribution will also involve elements from its own culture and tradition that will gracefully define their identity.

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