Assessing the energy-saving potential of different roof systems

The energy-saving potential of different roof systems varies vividly with a change in materials and the technologies that are required to build them. There have been several experiments conducted to deduce what is the best type of material that can serve the required purpose of the roof system. On the basis of those experiments, few models have been derived. Have a look below as we discuss the energy-saving potential of different roof systems.

  1. Cool and modified Bitumen model

Cool and modified Bitumen model of the roof is one of the first models that has been developed, in which the cool surface reflectivity is altered. The surface of the roof is covered with the insulating material on both sides of the base. The surface is exposed to different radiations of smaller and long radiations is calculated and thus providing clear results.

The term covers various roofing options such as low sloped roofs, that are common in commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and multifamily homes. An application of cool coating over the roof has many benefits including durability, suppression of algae growth, and an ability to self-was under rainfall. Steep sloped roofs that are found in residential buildings include cool coloured tiles and painted metal that contain pigment, which reflects 25 to 70% of solar energy. Cool roofs are most common in urban cities as it reduces the environmental impact of large cities.

The energy balance that is developed is Cool and Modified-Bitumen Roof Nodal Energy Balance in which energy balance for various nodes is calculated. The temperature variations of the nodes are analyzed on the basis of various equations derived and the results are concluded.

  1. Green model

Another model is the Green model that uses sustainable materials for its construction. The green roof model requires irrigation weekly and the amount of water transpiration is used as the standard to determine the amount of transpiration that has occurred. The green roof is the most effective technique of passive cooling. Green roof constitutes material for percolation, the membrane, and barrier so that the water can not enter in the structural component of the building. The temperature profiles are determined according to the various temperatures. The green roof nodal energy balance is determined by checking various materials used in green roof their respective behaviour in various climatic conditions.

The annual energy consumption of the different roof models is also determined by plotting a graph of the R-value and function of the roof.

By using such eco-friendly components in the building, we are moving towards a more sustainable way of living. The impact assessment of different roof systems is varying and hence the analytical report is prepared accordingly. The experimental values are clearly recorded for illustrating the results. The thermal findings of the green roof have proven to be very effective and thus green roofs are being used in various places for its varied advantages.

The energy-saving roof offers a solution for the urban cities that are eventually turning into heat islands. The constant increase in temperature and carbon footprint has made the cities had to survive. Air conditioners and other cooling options can provide temporary relief but they are not the permanent solution from the environmental crisis. Using sustainable construction techniques like energy-saving roof systems can provide heat relief without harming the environment and the solutions are economical as well. Turning to sustainable living technologies will not only help in surviving the heat but also have a great impact on the environmental infrastructure.

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