Bridging the gap between architectural theory and practical knowledge

Architecture being a culmination of art and technology has led to distinguished advancements in various fields setting a benchmark for the upcoming generations. An architect strives between the utilitarian art and matter of conscience to achieve a viable solution in the best possible way of celebrating the social, economic and religious value systems existing within the horizon.

A substantial amount of practicality in versatile fields of architecture needs to be put across in order to bridge the gap between architectural theory and practical knowledge. A trivial detail for some- being a part of the architecture fraternity as a student is a vital yet subtle shift in mind which young and enthusiastic designers struggle in. The curriculum at the architecture and design schools mostly puts their heart and soul in directing students to above the worldly needs creating a vacuum between the course tenure and practical world.

Present scenario improvisation!

In today’s time, an authentic architecture education setup focuses on a broader vision covering aspects such as spatial function, built mass aesthetics and the overall form of the building overlooking some vital aspects of cost, environmental impact, energy efficiency, planning essentials – pondering upon a holistic vision a design displays.   curriculum needs to integrate the above factors from the initial stage of Architecture design so to nurture the budding architects mastering all aspects of design.

Pedagogical considerations must be relevant for the rapidly changing and evolving world with a team of inspiring professors imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge with the intent of inculcating it to the fullest.

Nowadays an architecture student is carved initially to produce quantity due to tediousness of the profession since old times. With the modern technological advancements amalgamating themselves in the field of architecture, the prime focus should take a seminal shift to production of quality work training the students to nurture their designs as their own baby.

Manifestation at a broader platform!

Based on the nature and demand of the profession, the vision of the visionaries should be enhanced with practical exposure of architectural benchmarks in the History, familiarizing them with achievements and contributions of the great minds in the past. Students must be encouraged to delve into the multidirectional qualities of architecture encouraging them to think out of the box, generating the essence from their own imagination. With the subsequent strengthening of basics, students and faculties must collaborate on self-analyzing live projects understanding the demands of the market from an early stage.

Future prerequisites!

Being the backbone of architecture, the curriculum must follow a series of principles in order to retain the distinctiveness of the course and profession. The phases as already divided into projects and research must grill the students opening new horizons to travel into the depths of architectural nuances. The innate nature of creative impulse must be encouraged, focusing on the acquired skill in the parallel world. Having no specific paradigm, the pivotal anchoring should be the cultivation of thoughts via opening doors to new design ideologies and letting the students create their own patents.

With the ignition of key assets of willingness, commitment, preparedness and hard work, developing the creative edge for design elements can contribute to bridging the gap at a worldly level.

Traverse journey!

Discovering ways and methodologies to integrate the practice in architecture with education in order to equip the students and upcoming designers into the practical world with utmost confidence and knowledge, so that they can be successful in every aspect of their profession. Altering the approach swiftly with practical interventions in the curriculum will imbue students with the desired skill set along with practice knowledge needed in today’s world. The noble profession must be a valuable give away for the students shaping them into a complete package for the field.

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