How to make your architectural portfolio impressive?

In today’s time of high combativeness, assembling your work and projects for a portfolio might be cumbersome. Click the link below to know some of the important tips that can help you create an astounding architectural portfolio which might land up to your dream job or career.

Your portfolio speaks for  your brand in your absence

Your portfolio is a professional statement of who you are, the kind of work you do and the process. Make the Curriculum vitae, bewildering which highlights your skills and make you perfect for the post you are applying for.

You only have a short time to convince someone you are worth a second look or not.

Keep it succinct  and efficacious

Less is more stands vehemently in this case too. The work you are choosing to present should be the best of your potential, showcasing your best projects and skills. The composition of the portfolio shall be appropriate comprising a balance of positive and negative space, neither should it be too filled with work that might not give the sheet the breathing space it requires, nor it should seem too empty- for instance one image on the whole sheet, which might seem as if you have wasted space.

Maximize use of graphic design

Incorporating a lot of graphic design into the portfolio will enable the reader to get a better picture of your work, without rushing into those long paragraphs that describe the work.

Boast off all your skills to express your project

It is better to exhibit all your skills to express your design from a to z. Illustrate the software skills be it- cad, Revit, rhino, lumion, Maya, adobe, etc. in flamboyantly displaying the stages of design-  from concept to build up the stage.

Follow the rule of thirds

Keep one-third work from your academic projects, one third from professional projects( wherever you have got an internship or job) and one-third of your personal work. This unveils all the levels of your work and the potential and evolution of your working style.

Hit the bull’s eye while applying for a job

If you are intending to apply in any firm or for a particular architect, the key to land the job is to do lots of research, just see what type of work the firm is doing – whether it is residential, commercial, industrial,  also see what type of work strategies are being preferred there. After gaining enough information, curate and mold your portfolio in that direction, specifically serving those projects which are in the same zone or frequency, what the firm is already doing. This helps the employer to visualize you as an employee of that organization.

Weave the portfolio through your projects

Always see that your work in the portfolio narrates itself as a story depicting your projects and your skills that are required for the architects.

Know the difference between art and design

There is a strategic difference between art and design. Art has a purpose of emotion, on the other hand, the design has a purpose of the solution. Showcase your design.

Elucidate the design brief of your project, what were the challenges faced during the design process, design iteration process, sketches, models, real photographs of case studies that were done for that project.

Demonstrate the process that brings you to the end result, stages of conceptual designing, literature studies, design requirements, constraints, that formulated the design.

Show your passion through your work

More you put the effort in your work, more fruitful the end result will be. If I see a portfolio with three detailed perspectives of interesting building vignettes or moving architectural space, you are hired already. Potential employers want to see how you think, not only what you can do.

Be authentic with your work  You need to be truthful and honest regarding your work, if you lie, you will get caught immediately. Stay true to yourself, whatever work you have done, present it with sincere honesty in your portfolio and if you hit that bell right, you will undoubtedly pass with flying colors.

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