Planning to declutter our lives

Designing a city doesn’t come easy! It demands careful planning as it is responsible for shaping human lives.

Starting with, the areas of the cities need to be strategically categorized according to the type of growth required. Neglecting this factor brings an imbalance between the societies within the city. The housing needs should be catered for the poor before elevating them for the rich. Constructing affordable housing societies should be promoted in areas like Gurgaon which have land in abundance.

With the increasing environmental threats, it becomes very crucial to align the design with the environment and climate of the city otherwise we can clearly witness how tons of power is wasted in air conditioning, required to cut the heat absorbed by ‘glass’ buildings in Gurgaon. Vernacular strategies could have been adopted while designing those high rises.

The intent behind city planning ought to be understood beforehand. Planners should realize the importance of the need of the hour and not just make the cities develop for the sake of development. Catering to the basic needs of the citizens should be the foremost thing. For example, public transportation should be made efficient and clean so that everyone can use them instead of taking out their private vehicles all the time. General stores and healthcare centres should be constructed at proper distances to ensure comfort levels of the citizens.

Apart from that, designing recreation zones and urban plazas again becomes very important for people to be connected to their city. Alongside the pedestrian walkways should be carefully developed. And of course, the greener the city, better the living. This could encourage people to even paddle or walk to work. What a pollution-free city it can be!

Also, usage of the existing resources taking care of the economic conditions of the city will prevent the city to be in debt of to basic needs in the coming future.
Realizing the fact that the city is being designed or revitalized for the people, it becomes necessary to take public interests into account.

City planning aims to meet the needs of many years down the line, hence the design should be forward-looking taking care of future expectations and expansions. The best example for this can be Lutyens Delhi. At that time, roads constructed were wide enough to cater to the huge increment in traffic efficiently in today’s time.
Services is a very important thing to be looked upon as we can see how the streets of Gurgaon become drains with the slightest pour of rain. Blinded with the moving forward attitude, a planner should take care to not lose the identity of the city by stripping apart the history of that area. Instead, the monuments could be preserved and developed as recreation areas. The law should regulate the real estate bodies and industrialists who are driven by greed. Exploiting the city in the name of commercialization should be discouraged.

What lies at the core of the entire process of designing a city is the inherent need for human beings to live a chaos free life and thus, careful understanding of the nuances and execution of this service should be of utmost importance.

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