Resurgence of the central Taiwan – ‘Taichung’

Housing some of the most green and sustainable architectural marvels, Taichung is Taiwan’s second largest city having the touch of both of northern and southern Taiwan. Despite being a modern city, it is still connected with its roots having a deep cultural significance. It is the perfect place to understand the perception and fashion of central Taiwan.

Being the city of historic importance under Japanese rule today, it’s a hub of cultural centers, universities and museums. The city has always aimed to preserve its history either by restoration or by integrating the new constructions with the old ones.

Walkways with uneven shrubs and disoriented tiling are being converted to shaded pedestrians with a planned landscape. Undergoing constant transformation, sustainable bus stops are being designed in contrast to the naked and unkept streets of the past. Barren lands of the city are getting covered with lushes of greenery and fountains.

Abandoning the old and introducing the new is not what they follow! The city integrates and merges the new developments with the pre-existing culture and structure.

Highly advanced architecture is revolutionizing the image of the city.

Incorporating fluid state in a solid structure to give it a cave like experience, Toyo Ito, the architect of national Taichung theater connects the inside to outside by a series of holes drawing a parallel with organs of the human body. Apart from fulfilling the acoustic requirements of an Opera house, the structure also has to deal with the Taiwan’s frequent seismic activities. In addition, it contains a gallery, restaurant, cultural center and rooftop garden. A special water screen system is also installed on the curved walls of theatre to protect it from fire disasters.

Giving a leisurely vibe, Liuchuan Canal Waterfront has been recently revitalized to improve the water quality making it an ideal place for relaxation. Alongside, the century old Ying bridge is being unveiled near old Taichung railway station adding to city’s heritage.

 To satisfy all those with sweet tooth and to experience the authenticity of the area, branch of the very famous desert store ‘dawn cakes’ in Miyahara, is a result of restoring an old red brick building which was originally an eye clinic.

Rainbow village, being another beautiful attraction, again has a historic importance which was old settlement for soldiers who painted the buildings with stunning murals saving it from demolition.

Open air night markets light up the city with beautiful decorations and the city’s authentic food attracting thousands of people. Taichung is continuously undergoing cultural revamping and restoration from traditional and historic features to modern and technical ones keeping the history intact and environmental sustainability in mind.

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