The plight of architectural education in India

We have often heard students, interning or working in a firm for the first time complaining about the work done that is so different from what is taught in the college. Why working in real world and learning in architectural school for those 5 years doesn’t resonate? It is a major issue to look upon so that the time and cost invested during the educating years are justified.

  • There is a lack of practical knowledge whereas architecture is not a field that should target just on the theoretical knowledge.
  • Students become so focused towards scoring good grades and marks that they forget the essence of creativity and the concept of originality. Educators should inculcate the sense of appreciation, importance and prestige associated with this profession.  
  • Architecture has numerous branches and the first thing that should be modified in the education system is not to restrict. There are schools oriented just to design and others oriented towards construction and engineering. This arises because sometimes institutes may have a professional aim apart from education resulting in attracting the faculties of the corresponding interests only. Whereas, in architecture students must be taught to broaden their minds and bring vitality in their approach.
  • A number of colleges have a poor infrastructure and inadequate campus facilities which demotivates students to design.
  • India has a diverse architectural style along the vast expanse of land having a total of 462 architecture colleges. Lack of interconnection between these colleges cuts up an advantage that we have. Students can learn vernacular needs of so many different places with the help of visiting faculties.
  • There is nothing like good or bad design once it’s technically sound but one needs to justify it. But in course of these years of education students tend to get so busy with designing and drafting resulting in lack of communication skills which is the one very crucial thing required to stand up and actually proof the design.
  • Educators should not forget that while making students understand the importance of functionality one should not forget the form which is responsible for the users to experience and feel the design.
  • There is a shortage of platforms for professors and students to discuss current realities of architecture apart from discussing academics and curriculum. Being in any profession, one should be aware of things happening around the globe.
  • Teaching history including the theories and styles of the world-famous architects must inspire young minds to develop their own styles which is not visible in the professional world.
  • There is a lack of number of architectural libraries in our country that make students dependent on internet which makes them grab restricted knowledge only.

Patrik Schumacher has recently drawn everybody’s attention by accusing schools of being disconnected from the real world and claiming that many teachers use their positions to promote their own agendas. He says “As a result of architecture schools teaching “without any curriculum”, students graduate with a portfolio that “might not include a single design that could meet minimal standards expected from a contemporary competition entry”. The reason to look upon these setbacks is to understand the fact that the purpose of architectural education is to convey the experience of the professionals to the one who desire for it and thereby preparing and motivating them to work for their country and welfare of their society. It is for the institutions to design an ideal curriculum and for the educators to be passionate and true to their profession.

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