How to design your kitchen efficiently?

Kitchen is that place of your house which is responsible for generating fuel for your body and hence, ensuring the best functioning of it is very crucial. So here are some guidelines that can be followed while designing a kitchen space.

  • Firstly, you should know the dimensions of all the equipment and fixtures.
  • Then, one should have an idea about the clear distances.
  • The entrance of the kitchen should be at least 800 mm.
  • A work triangle is a very important concept in designing a kitchen to ensure a super functional design.

The perimeter of this triangle should be minimum. It should not exceed 7000mm.

There are different kind of layouts of the kitchen as seen below:



  • Ventilation is one of the main concerns either by natural means or mechanical ducts. There should be a provision of extraction of air is above cooking surfaces.
  • The height of the slab should be of 900 mm and width should be at least 600mm.
  • It is advised to provide a utility balcony for the kitchen.
  • Minimum 600 X 600 mm shafts should be given for plumbing pipes and its maintenance.

The way your kitchen is planned and designed is directly proportional to the efficiency and the functionality of the space. Creating a good plan will result in helping to enjoy the work even more!

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