More than just brick and walls – Smart Homes

Everything with a click of button, that’s the dream! If you’re confused whether you locked the doors, turned off the lights or switched off the geyser, your confusion can be shut down with just a look at your smart phone or tablet. With upcoming technologies, mesh Wi-Fi systems and internet of things (IoT) even homes are made ‘smart’. They enable huge amounts of data to be stored and processed.

IoT is a phrase used to describe wide range of products and objects connected by a digital network. Alongside, mesh Wi-Fi system was introduced to takeover Wi-Fi extenders. They create a whole new Wi-Fi network unlike the extenders that simply boost the main router’s signal. This technology uses nodes of networks generating different paths for signals to travel resulting in increase of efficiency and speed. The units of this system can be set up independently creating a wide range of network making it very convenient for automating your house. Two of the most important mesh networks are ZigBee and Z- wave. They act as instigators and receptors. They pick up the message, find the best routes and work till the command is performed. It enables your home to be more intelligent, remote controllable, and interconnected.

Mesh Wi-Fi system has enabled smart homes allow you to carry out day to day activities with so much ease enabling you to focus your energy on other productive tasks. Apart from basic air conditioning and lighting control they provide various other functions as well. You need not worry about the security of house while sitting miles away at work or on a vacation. There are motion sensors that can detect movement around your house. It can unlock the door as you approach. You can control the thermostat from your smart phone. Who would not love to control all the electrical appliances of house while just sitting on the couch! In addition, voice control devices like amazon Alexa and google home have taken home automation to another level.

In addition to comfort and convenience, smart homes also provide energy efficient savings. It switches off lights in an empty room and may open the blinds when it’s sunny outside. Sensors can detect if some appliance is using extra power notifying it to correct them. It even shut downs the appliances just after completing the task to save some energy hence using all the resources efficiently which is the need of the hour.

This in turn also helps in to save money by lowering down the electricity bill. The initial cost of setting up may be higher but the benefits are worth paying that cost.

And of course, the quality of life is upgraded making us happier and stress free. Above all it gives us the peace of mind to monitor our homes when at work.

Apart from that we may think that IoT makes us lazy and dependent on technology but we should not forget the benefits it provides for the elderly people living by themselves. Smart homes carry out all those works that they may tend to forget. It also enables to look after them despite being physically present hence ensuring their comfort and security. Along with advantages there always comes certain disadvantages. The system might fail due to technological errors creating number of problems. People tend to worry about the hackers and their data privacy.

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