Selecting office space based on needs

Selecting office space based on needs

We live in a world where we spend more time in our office than in our home. It is a usual scenario where we work late nights juggling with loads of work, hence selecting an office space can be a crucial role in the productivity and efficiency of the workers resulting in the growth of business or organization. Therefore, choosing an office space demands careful thinking and planning to bring out the best of employees in a stressful environment in today’s corporate world.


To start with, one should have a clear understanding of the nature of the work and the size requirements according to the standards. Having enough space to carry out the required job is a considerable part of feeling comfortable. An appropriate room must be considered for future expansion to accommodate the predicted growth. Overcrowded office space may result in dissatisfaction of the employees.


Once the size is figured out, location is another major concern that includes easy accessibility for both clients and employees, comfortable parking, safety, and security. Having trouble finding parking or reaching to a difficult location is itself a rough beginning. One should also know if the work requires a prime location in a market with captivating signage that attracts clients or an isolated peaceful environment with minimum distractions. This is governed by the site surroundings. The presence of shops, food outlets, and markets in proximity needs to be looked upon.


Yes, that definitely depends on your pocket! But purchasing or renting an office space can only be done when one has a fair idea about the budget which includes whether the investment or the rent is even justified or not. One should not hurry and should look out for the various options to select the one worth the cost.

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Space should also be adequately ventilated with proper orientation of the building according to the climate of the area. Thermal comfort directly leads to the maximum efficiency of the workers and a healthy work environment also preventing sick building syndrome. Space should incorporate aspects of nature. Good lighting is conducive to active working and performance.


The layout and design should allow the concerned division of rooms among the space with minimum negative spaces. Different kinds of work require different layouts like the cubical, closed office, or an open one. Visibility, relation, and the hierarchy of spaces should be well defined like putting up glass partitions that allow visual transparency as well as discrete divisions, depending upon the work. The design should allow active interaction between the workers but maintaining their privacy simultaneously. It can help them to enhance their teamwork qualities.


Aesthetically pleasing environment, customizable to the taste of all age groups influences the worker’s mood. Color psychology has a huge impact to bring out the best of a human’s potential. Different color combinations and color schemes influence workers in numerous ways. Colors play with the emotions of human beings by inspiring, advancing maximum efficiency, and having a calming effect. Satisfying color combinations can make a place bright and cheerful leaving a lasting impression on the clients and enhancing the well-being of the workers.


Alongside when the brand image comes to play, space should be in sync with modern designs and new technologies which will in turn give incentive to the clients as well as the employees. The ambiance reflects the company’s culture. In times of a stressful environment of the corporate world, selecting the right office space can really help the employees to concentrate better, maintain their mental health, and think more positively about work resulting in the success and advancement of the company.

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