Role of colors & materials in office interiors

Role of colors & materials in office interiors

Offices are places where people are in a different mood every single minute. From having a smile on our faces by receiving an appraisal email (although which happens more in our dreams!) to meet the never-ending deadlines which soar our mind. From hanging out in cafeterias to important discussions in conference rooms. Things keep changing but what remains constant is the space; the interiors and its effect on us; our moods, in turn, effecting our work.

Yes, whether it is about design or color, you will always have something in front of you all the time. If you are thinking about whether it has an impact or not, then you might be surprised to hear, YES it does!

For years, creativity has always influenced people to change their minds. So, while designing your office interiors, It is important that you understand the psychology of colors which will help you and your employees to be in a better space and help you with higher returns.

Understanding How Different Colors Can Affect Your Employee Behavior:

#1 Want more productivity: Time to go Blue!

There are many businesses which have everything correctly organized and have a brilliant set-up which result in excellent growth. But still, due to low productivity, things tend to move in the opposite direction! The reason might be the wrong color! The best way to change things is to paint it blue! However, ironic it may seem, by generally people saying that the mood has turned blue! But according to research, it has been proved that Blue is a color which represents calmness and can help employees to remain stress-free. This can make them confident which will automatically bring up their efficiency.

Benefits Of Painting Your Office Blue:

  • Gets the pressure and heart rate normal of the employees making them feel better.
  • It promotes trust and thus, enhances communication between employees which can bring ineffective results.
  • It also makes one more creative which can bring more new ideas to get the job done quicker.

So, this shows how blue can get things in favor of you and help you with better productivity.

#2 Get your employees glued to your office by painting it green

Go Green! The whole greener Delhi drive, why not take it in your office too? Green depicts nature and humans are always closely related to it. Green color brings in peace, harmony, and most importantly growth. So, this shows why office spaces must get their walls green as it allows their employees to remain connected and work for a longer period of time.

Benefits Of Going Green:

  • Green color reduces anxiety among employees by letting them feel a bit more comfortable.
  • Green improves innovative and performance big time.

So, this shows how color green can just do the trick for businesses as it can keep the employees stick to their work for a tad long time bringing in more productivity.

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#3 Take energy level higher with Red

Red has been a game changer for a long period of time, and yes continues to be so! Businesses which relate to physical work go red as it can keep their people motivated to work long and without any kind of problems with the energy!

Benefits of painting it Red:

  • Red has been acknowledged to be a performance booster. So, it can be considered for proofreading and coding.
  • Red is also used for drawing attention and getting things right. Perfect to use it for any kind of notice or information.

So, use red to get things in your favor! You will always the red space high in energy giving you the right mood to work!

#4 Painting Yellow? Think Again!

No doubt yellow brings in a lot of energy and confidence just like the color red but still one needs to reconsider this color for their office interiors. Too much yellow can bring in a lot of anxiety which is not the ideal atmosphere to work upon.

Yellow can enhance the chances of one losing its temper more often than not. So, it is recommended to think twice before getting your office space painted with yellow. It will make the property unsuitable to work upon!

Final VerdictThe above article shows how colors play their game on the human’s mind. You must check with psychology and then have your interiors painted to get the right mood and results! You never know it changes the colors of your life too!

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