NEMO Decorative Lighting introduces two new lights – crown & linescapes

One of the global leaders in lighting striving to constantly create innovative cutting edge design, NEMO represents the design lighting producers’ scenario, a benchmark name, going back to the roots of innovation that always inspired Italian design and is now available at P3 Architectural Solutions in India. Founded in Milan in 1993, Nemo edits the contemporary collection & Masters collection, a unique selection of icons, realized by the designers that have provided a fundamental contribution to the creation of the contemporary design.

NEMO now introduces two new lights to its existing collection – Crown and Linescapes.

Crown Family – Designed by JEHS + LAUB

Pendant chandeliers, with modular structure in die-casted aluminium and sandblasted glass diffusers. Structure in hand polished aluminium, glossy gold plated, black plated or painted in matt white, matt black or gold. Available a NEMO LED G9 kit. Widespread light. Double switch for the Summa, Magnum and Royal versions. Transparent cable. Red cable on request. 

Linescapes System – Designed by Nemo Studious   

Linescapes is a modular system that is completely changing the approach to high performance diffused direct and indirect lighting. The singular modules are connected by quick molded ABS connectors, which enable rapid jack installation and a 360° rotation. The different elements allow the composition of continuous lines and edges, with a luminous efficiency and an excellent diffusion degree, through an opaline diffuses in polycarbonate. The system has been studied to provide user friendly maintenance. Nemo has efficiently solved the problem of replacing LED built-in sources, whereby the single lighting elements can be easily changed.  

Mr. Roopesh Gupta, Managing Director, P3 Architectural Solutions stated, “NEMO is One of the global leaders in lighting striving to constantly create innovative cutting edge design. Their new lights are not only innovative but will also make it the perfect light to transform your house completely.”

P3 Architectural Solutions are the exclusive distributors all over India for 15 European Architectural and Interior Design brands like Ethimo, Vondom, Flexa Lights, Ludovica Mascheroni, Quasar, Merinelli, Team7 among others. About P3 Architectural Solutions: P3 Architectural Solutions is an exclusive distributor to some of the absolutely glamorous and customizable home interior brands and coordination of these interiors with everything else that a home has. It is a high end endeavor to bring a sense of belongingness between your soul and home. Armed with the Head Office in Mumbai, has two showrooms in Mumbai, one showroom in Mangalore & one showroom in Bangalore with offices all over India to cater to the target audiences. They have the ability to meet the needs of their clients which is based on the collective experience and the technical knowledge brought forth through their partner brands. The passion to constantly develop and implement world-class tailor made solutions for every individual requirement is what has served as a driving force for them. Giving a personalized touch to all the elements of your house, P3 is a one stop destination that has customizable solutions for everything. “We create what you imagine and make your home a “dream home”!

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