How leading companies are building effective employee experience?

With mobile phones getting smarter, the time has come for businesses to get smart too when it comes to designing workspaces! The office environment plays a big role in their map of success.  The design of every corner reflects on the culture and values followed. It influences employees big time and can be the topmost reason for the results you are experiencing.

Good office design has always been more engaging and motivating for employees. If it keeps the employees committed it can help your business to enhance its performance. Sometimes rather than going for regular meetings or sacking employees are just not the right option, all you need is a small change in workspace design to move in the right direction.

In this article, we will check with the relationship between employee experience and workspace design and also recommend a few leading companies which you can follow for better results.

Understanding Your Business

Well, if having good workspace design could have resulted in better outcomes, every business would be competing Google or Amazon. But that is not the case, everything needs to be perfect.  Having a good design in one of the steps which can help an employee with a boost in morale and most importantly productivity.

So, you need to study deep in understanding each and every element of your business workspace and what design can match with it! There are number factors which can have a dramatic impact on the employees and you need to assess that precisely to bring out the best of them. Take a look:

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It has been seen that comfortable furniture can help your employees to work efficiently and help you with more productivity. Nobody likes to get their butt in pain with low-quality chairs! So, get optimum furniture which can certainly make an impact big time and also help your employees to keep their back and butt right!

Working Environment

Not having a healthy working environment can just act as a slow poison for your business. You must always keep your focus on the health efficiency of the working arena. It must be clean and with the infusion greenery which will keep the air pure exclusively enhancing the quality of the working environment. Having a hygienic environment can keep the employees fit and healthy to give you the best of productivity.


Lighting also plays a very important role when it comes to giving employees a good environment to keep on working without any kind of issues. Going for natural light can certainly do the trick. It will keep the headaches and stress right out of the office door and let employees work in full flow.

So, one must have a good plan in place to get the workspace design exactly the way it fits perfectly with the employees. There have been many examples also which showcases how amazingly leading companies are building effective employee experience, take a look:


How leading companies are building effective employee experience?

Dropbox is certainly leading the way when it comes to managing work-fun balance. A cloud storage company nestled in San Francisco has a lot to inspire. They entertain employees with cozy sofas and even scooters. Not only this, but there is also an on-site gym with a tuckshop giving enough to employees to remain fresh all the time. They work with the right idea and approach to keep everything organized for business growth and employees’ experience!

#The Googleplex

How leading companies are building effective employee experience?

Another cherry on the cake is The Googleplex which is a stunning place to be employed at! This office belongs to the search engine giant Google. They have literally inspired a number of businesses with the office space design which keeps their employees hooked and rejuvenated. Stationed in Silicon Valley, Google always focuses more on working environment and productivity. They have addressed the psychological issues and kept it simple allowing their employees to have a gala time while working hard.

Final Say So, this shows how leading companies are winning the hearts of their employees through effective workspace designs and craving in the best results. Keeping things engaging and comfortable can help your employees to feel better while giving their heart to the company.

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