Changing design perspectives of urban plazas

We live in a world of constant hustle and bustle where we tend to feel lost in the city in between our busy working schedules. Places like Urban Plazas designed in the midst of the city aims to make a connection between the city and its people. Located in major intersections of the area they can serve various functions ranging from shopping malls and markets places to food courts and eating joints. While the cities are carefully planned, we tend to pay negligence to the design of these complexes which actually elevates the user experience and their life state.


As the population increases, the need of infrastructure also increases. More commercial spaces need to be constructed to meet the demands of people. With the growing economic conditions and changing lifestyle of people there is a need of spaces where people can come together and interact with each other. These plazas serve as social catalysts helping people to understand the importance of social sustainability having a positive psychological impact on the society.


The cloud of globalization and modernization is constantly growing surrounding us leading to a change in the concept of society and how they are planned. With the changing times, the design perspectives of these urban plazas should also evolve. As we know, today’s cities are multi- cultural and diverse so the design needs to be responsive to everyone in some or other way so that they feel connected with the space.

They should be located at the nodal points of cities so that citizens can easily access them. Concept of proxemics must be understood properly beforehand.

In the times when people tend to forget their roots and origins of their city the design should be such that it reflects the city image and the identity of the city is sustained.

With the increasing population, these spaces should be carefully designed understanding the foot fall preventing it from being too crowded.

“Form or function”, what to choose? The answer to this is a constant struggle for all the architects and designers. Well, in the case of urban plazas, functionality and visual appearance both go side by side. It should be efficient in serving the needs of people and also be aesthetically sound. Then only, it can be true to its purpose.

In a day, either we are at our homes or we tend to go to the places where all our activities ranging from shopping and eating to relaxation can be fulfilled making us be indoors most of the time. Hence urban plazas, being such places should incorporate open green spaces to balance out the growing built form. Nowadays, everything in this world revolve around our work life. Because of which the location of urban plazas is preferred around office complexes in

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